A downloadable game

Somewhere in the far reaches of space, a friendly cat in an astronaut suit is making its rounds, bringing food and snacks to customers in need. But sometimes there are signals that interfere with hearing the food order, and so the cat (the player) must switch radio frequencies to avoid the interference. This game aims to teach kids some simple concepts of frequency bands and radio interference.


Artist: Natalie Waltz

Designer: Kieran Solik 

Programmers: Andrea Kang, Shawn Porto

Project Manager: Girish Subburaman

Special thanks: Sherry Hsi and Matt Lewandowski at BSCS Science Learning, Pamela Cosman at UC San Diego, and with guidance from Jay Scott and Soha Sadeghinejad

Install instructions

After downloading and extracting the zip file, navigate to Interfurence.exe


Interfurence Build (1).zip